Q&A: How’d you win a Charlie Award?

We’re asking some past Charlie Award winners about the stories behind their winning submissions. In this edition: Scott Glick, Creative Director of HCP Media, which won a 2018 Charlie Award for Best Photography: Cover in the Consumer < 20,000 category for “Senses, Experience Mandarin Oriental, Miami.”

Florida Magazine Association: Who shot the cover image?

Scott Glick: Gio Alma.

FMA: How many different images or looks did you consider for this cover?

SG: Six.

FMA: How did you know this was “the one?”

SG: Our goal was to provide an aspirational snapshot into the life of a guest in a 5-star luxury resort in Miami (Mandarin Oriental). Since this publication was targeting a Miami demographic, we set out to capture the Miami look: modern, beautiful and fashion-forward in a gorgeous outdoor setting.

FMA: What about this cover told you it should be a contender for a Charlie Award?

SG: Beyond the striking image, the layout emphasized the Miami aesthetic of less is more and refined understatement.